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LES CENT ALBUMS FAISANT L'OBJET DE CHRONIQUES (Avec reproduction en couleur de chacune des pochettes)

1967: (2)

1. THE MOODY BLUES: "Days of future passed" (GB)
2. PINK FLOYD: "The piper at the gates of dawn" (GB)

1968: (3)

3. SOFT MACHINE: "Volume One" (GB)
4. PROCOL HARUM: "Shine on brightly" (GB)
5. TRAFFIC: "Mr Fantasy" (GB)

1969: (7)

6. THE NICE: "Nice" (GB)
7. THE MOODY BLUES: "To our childrens childrens children" (GB)
8. FRANK ZAPPA: "Hot rats" (USA)
9. PROCOL HARUM: "A salty dog" (GB)
10. SOFT MACHINE: "Volume two" (GB)
11. RENAISSANCE: "Renaissance" (GB)
12. KING CRIMSON: "In the court of the Crimson King" (GB)

1970: (9)

13. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: "The least we can do is wave to each other" (GB)
14. GENESIS: "Trespass" (GB)
15. KING CRIMSON: "In the wake of Poseidon" (GB)
16. CARAVAN: "If I could do it all over again I'd do it all over you" (GB)
17. EGG: "The Polite Force" (GB)
18. SOFT MACHINE: "Third" (GB)
19. KING CRIMSON: "Lizard" (GB)
20. PINK FLOYD: "Atom heart mother" (GB)
21. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: "H to He who am the only one" (GB)

1971: (11)

22. YES: "The Yes Album" (GB)
23. GENESIS: "Nursery Cryme" (GB)
24. EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: "Tarkus" (GB)
25. KING CRIMSON: "Islands" (GB)
26. PINK FLOYD: "Meddle" (GB)
27. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: "Pawn hearts" (GB)
28. COLOSSEUM: "Colosseum Live" (GB)
29. CARAVAN: "In the land of grey and pink" (GB)
30. FOCUS: "Moving Waves" (Pays-Bas)
31. JETHRO TULL: "Aqualung" (GB)
32. CURVED AIR: "Second album" (GB)

1972: (11)

34. YES: "Fragile" (GB)
35. GENESIS: "Foxtrot" (GB)
36. GENTLE GIANT: "Three friends" (GB)
37. JETHRO TULL: "Thick as a brick" (GB)
38. YES: "Close to the edge" (GB)
39. CURVED AIR: "Phantasmagoria" (GB)
40. APHRODITE'S CHILD: "666" (Grèce)
41. MATCHING MOLE: "Matching Mole" (GB)
42. AMON D▄▄L II: "Wolf City" (Allemagne)
43. GENTLE GIANT: "Octopus" (GB)

1973: (12)

44. MAGMA: "Mechan´k destruct´v kommand÷h" (France)
45. CARAVAN: "For girls who grow plump in the night" (GB)
46. GONG: "Angel's egg" (GB/Australie/France)
47. PFM: "Photos of Ghosts" (Italie)
48. YES: "Yessongs" (GB)
49. EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: "Brain salad surgery" (GB)
50. JETHRO TULL: "A passion play" (GB)
51. GENESIS: "Selling England by the pound" (GB)
52. LE ORME: "Felona E Sorona" (Italie)
53. MIKE OLDFIELD: "Tubular Bells" (GB)
54. PINK FLOYD: "Dark side of the moon" (GB)
55. KING CRIMSON: "Larks' tongues in aspic" (GB)

1974: (15)

56. PETER HAMMILL: "In Camera" (GB)
57. ROBERT WYATT: "Rock Bottom" (GB)
58. GONG: "You" (GB/Australie/France)
59. HAWKWIND: "Hall of the mountain grill" (GB)
60. KING CRIMSON: "Starless and bible black" (GB)
61. YES: "Tales from topographic oceans" (GB)
62. GENESIS: "The lamb lies down on Broadway" (GB)
63. CAMEL: "Mirage" (GB)
64. ANGE: "Au-delà du délire" (France)
65. RENAISSANCE: "Turn of the cards" (GB)
66. THE STRAWBS: "Hero and heroine" (GB)
67. GRYPHON: "Red queen to gryphon three" (GB)
68. YES: "Relayer" (GB)
69. KING CRIMSON: "Red" (GB)
70. POPOL VUH: "Aguirre" (Allemagne)

1975: (12)

71. HATFIELD AND THE NORTH: "The Rotters' club" (GB)
72. HENRY COW: "In praise of learning" (GB)
74. GENTLE GIANT: "Free hand" (GB)
75. JETHRO TULL: "Minstrel in the gallery" (GB)
76. CAMEL: "The snow goose" (GB)
77. PAVLOV'S DOG: "Pampered menial" (USA)
78. BANCO: "Banco" (Italie)
79. HARMONIUM: "Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison" (Canada)
80. MIKE OLDFIELD: "Ommadawn" (GB)
81. PINK FLOYD: "Wish you were here" (GB)
82. TANGERINE DREAM: "Rubycon" (Allemagne)

1976: (4)

83. THE ENID : "In the region of the summer stars" (GB)
84. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: "Still life" (GB)
85. GENESIS: "A trick of the tail" (GB)
86. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: "World record" (GB)

1977: (9)

87. PINK FLOYD: "Animals" (GB)
88. YES: "Going for the one" (GB)
89. RUSH: "A farewell to kings" (Canada)
90. KANSAS: "Point of know return" (USA)
91. JETHRO TULL: "Songs from the wood" (GB)
92. GENESIS: "Wind & wuthering" (GB)
93. SUPERTRAMP: "Even in the quietest moments" (GB)
94. VAN DER GRAAF: "The quiet zone/ the pleasure dome" (GB)
95. BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: "Gone to Earth" (GB)

1978: (4)

96. GROBSCHNITT: "Solar music live" (Allemagne)
97. HAPPY THE MAN: "Crafty hands" (USA)
98. U.K: "U.K" (GB)
99. NATIONAL HEALTH: "Of queues and cures" (GB)

1979: (1)

100. PINK FLOYD: "The wall" (GB)